Fire and Risk Management


Fire Safety Audits

We conduct Fire Safety Audits at places of work give information on but not limited to: The fire fighting equipments available in the premises and their adequacy, the existent fire hazards, measures in place for control of fire and the emergency response procedures in place in the event of fire emergency situations.
This assessment is done in compliance to Section 36 of the Fire Risk Reduction Rules, 2007. These are done by an approved Fire Safety Auditor as per Section 37 of the said rules and who conducts all duties as required under Sec 38 of the rules aforesaid.

Risk Management

Sound risk management procedures are essential to assess and mitigate the risks associated with any business/industry. Our specialist risk management teams cover wide range of industries. We identify and quantify specific risks and make decisions about how to manage and mitigate them in the future for your business continuity.